Vermont Second Home Insurance

We recognize the investment you’ve made to your second home in Vermont. We understand the difficulty of insuring a second home that is not always occupied. We work with several insurance companies that readily accept second homes and will recommend a product that best suits your individual needs.

We are connected to the Vermont community, we’ve been here since 1865. We can recommend property managers and contractors. We know the fire chief and the police chief. Chances are good we know some of your Vermont neighbors. In the event of a claim, our depth of local knowledge will speed your recovery.

We’ve insured vacations homes on inaccessible islands and multimillion dollar ski houses on the side of mountains. Chances are good we can find the best policy for your getaway!

Is your second home in Vermont a rental or income property? Depending on how often you rent, you may be jeopardizing your insurance coverage if you are insured on a typical homeowners policy. We have customized policies for this kind of exposure. Please contact us.

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