Specialty Foods

Vermont is well-known for its specialty foods. Familiar products such as maple syrup, cheddar cheese, and apple cider; and gourmet products such as chevre, salsa, and chocolates have created an epicurean delight in Vermont. The significant number of businesses producing specialty foods contributed to the need for the Vermont Specialty Food Association. The Vermont Food Venture Center provides facilities for those wishing to try their hand at creating a best-seller!

Jamieson Insurance Agency has put together a comprehensive package of insurance to meet the unique needs of start-ups and successful food entrepreneurs.

Our Specialty Food Insurance Program provides all-lines coverage, including Property, Business Interruption, General Liability, Product Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation, Machinery & Equipment Breakdown, Crime, Marine and International.

But that’s not all. Our program offers enhanced property coverages at no additional cost:

  • Product recall expense
  • Brands & labels
  • Property in transit or at exhibitions
  • Salespersons’ samples
  • Consequential loss to stock
  • Special valuation of stock at manufacturer’s selling price
  • Replacement of damaged patterns, dies, molds, and forms
  • Product adulteration or contamination
  • Vendors as additional insureds
  • Spoilage due to mechanical breakdown

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Vermont Specialty Foods Resources:
Vermont Specialty Food Association
Vermont Food Venture Center

image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/27384147@N02/