By their very nature, Non-Profit organizations are unique: they unite members around a cause; they tend to offer their members more for less; they meet needs in the community that are otherwise left unmet.

Their insurance needs are also unique. Non-profit organizations are often more conscientious about their coverage and more concerned about costs. Communicating and finding consensus with a Non-profit organization’s board of directors is more involved than with a business owner.

Many board members don’t think about the organization’s insurance until something adverse happens. Having served on the boards of 6 non-profit organizations, Jon Jamieson has learned what it takes to be a better listener and a better communicator so that he can offer better options to his nonprofit clients. He understands the unique needs of this sector and provides insurance coverage and service to help non-profits better manage their risks so they can accomplish their missions.

Please contact us with questions about coverage for your non-profit organization. We recommend the following guide for your non-profit: A Board Member’s Guide to Non-Profit Insurance.