Vermont Homeowners Insurance: Protection from Severe Weather

Vermont homeowners insuranceIf you’re buying a home in Vermont, you already know that North Country weather can ravage your home.

  • Harsh winters bring ice dams, collapsed roofs from heavy snowfall, burst pipes, and fires from untended wood stoves.
  • Severe thunderstorms cause wind damage, lightning strikes, and flash flooding.
  • Vermont is an inland state, but we’re still in danger from the furious winds and rain of hurricanes racing up the eastern seaboard. Indeed, the memory of Tropical Storm Irene is a grim reminder of our vulnerability to wild weather.

The fact is, if you own or rent in Vermont, you must protect your property against Mother Nature with a solid homeowners policy.

But There’s Even More to It…

What you might not know is, there’s more to homeowners insurance than the initial purchase.

In fact, to avoid losing money with inadequate or outdated coverage that no longer matches your situation, you must periodically review your needs and determine whether to adjust your policy.

If you’ve renovated your kitchen or added a family room, your coverage should likely be increased to reflect your higher property value. And your big-ticket items might need riders or other special coverage.

It can be confusing. And almost no one has time to reevaluate their insurance needs every year.

That’s where an agent like Jamieson Insurance comes in.

How We Save You Money

Jamieson Insurance regularly reviews your policy to make sure you’re appropriately covered. This potentially saves you money in two ways:

  1. We might find that your premiums are too high due to changes in the marketplace or outdated products. We can modify your coverage and save you significant money.
  2. If the value of your home has risen in the previous year, we’ll increase your coverage – which means you won’t be left with less than replacement cost coverage if you do lose your home to fire or flood. In the wake of a disaster, you do NOT want to discover that your coverage was actually tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars short.

Got Questions? That’s Why We’re Here

We’re still in business after decades of offering insurance in Vermont because we really care about our clients. It’s truly important to us that every client fully understands the ins and outs of their policy.

We’re experts in all details of homeowners insurance. We can answer your questions about:

  • How much coverage to buy
  • Whether you need special riders, including flood or earthquake insurance
  • What type of policy is best for your home and financial situation
  • What companies offer the best customer service

If you incur a major loss to your home, Jamieson Insurance is your tireless advocate and guide. Our agents work for fair and quick settlements, and we facilitate effective communication with adjusters. We also know local contractors and can recommend the best in the business.

We Provide All Types of Homeowners Insurance

We offer insurance for:

  • Primary residences
  • All buildings on your property
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Second homes

Rely on Jamieson Insurance – Your Vermont Neighbors

When you need homeowners insurance for your Vermont residence, look to Jamieson Insurance. We have been protecting Vermonters’ homes – and finances – since 1865.

Get started today by completing our Homeowners Questionnaire, calling our agents at 802-496-2080, or emailing us at

Let us find all the ways we can save you money on homeowners insurance.

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