When you’re on the road, paved or off the beaten path, you want to make sure you have smart protection for what may be lurking around the bend – like an uninsured or underinsured motorist. We’ll make sure you and your family get the protection you deserve.

We have a different approach to auto insurance. We believe that as our client, you are best served when you have a true understanding of your options, explained by an unbiased advisor. And, because we represent a multitude of companies, including the top insurance names you know and trust, we are able to provide you with a key advantage – savings.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto Insurance Coverage


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Getting the Right Coverage

Getting the Right Coverage

When people need automobile insurance, they want to know:

  • Will I pay too much?
  • Will I have the right coverage when something happens?
  • And will I get the biggest bang for my buck?

The best way to ensure you get the best price and best coverage is to do your research. This means visiting 3-5 different auto insurance websites and a few additional sources to investigate:

  • What are the companies’ prices?
  • Are they licensed in Vermont?
  • What is their financial standing according to A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s?
  • Are they reviewed favorably in terms of customer satisfaction and claims processing?

With all this research, you might get the best price. But who has the time to compare policies and track down the highest value in car insurance? This tedious process can take up a whole afternoon – and how do you know you’ve exhausted all the options?

Smart consumers choose another route: the insurance agent.

Jamieson Insurance Does the Research for You

Jamieson Insurance Does the Research for You

When you call an agent like Jamieson Insurance for your Vermont automobile insurance, we do the comparisons for you. We look at your needs and match them with the rates and coverage at multiple carriers. We do this quickly and efficiently because of our experience and our specialized software.

Instead of spending a tedious afternoon going from website to website and filling out online forms, you give us all your information, and you’re done. Within 24 hours, we deliver the best quote.

And, of course, if you have questions about coverage in Vermont, we have the expertise to help you – without a hard sell.

After an Accident, Don’t Go it Alone

After an Accident, Don’t Go It Alone

Accidents are simply a reality of driving a car. In the United States, a car accident occurs once every second, and a vehicle is stolen every 20 seconds.

If you’ve ever been in an accident or had your car vandalized or stolen, you know how disorienting it is. Even if you’re lucky and escape injury, you still have to find a rental, get your car fixed, file a claim, and deal with insurance adjusters.

But if you have an insurance agent, you deal with just one office: us.

We’ve guided thousands of Vermonters through the insurance process after a car accident. We know the steps to take, the time tables to consider, and the best way to talk to the adjusters.

We file your claim, make sure you’re treated fairly, help find you a rental car and a body shop, and get you back in a vehicle as soon as possible.

How We Save You Money

How We Save You Money

You might think that the convenience of an insurance agent means higher premiums.
The reality is, we find many insurance policies with lower premiums than Geico, Progressive, and other national chains. Plus, you get an experienced, qualified advocate as part of the deal: your dedicated agent.

When you use Jamieson Insurance, you get experience, peace of mind, and the best possible price.

Rely on Jamieson Insurance – Your Vermont Neighbors

Rely on Jamieson Insurance – Your Vermont Neighbors

Rather than muddling through dozens of websites, comparing coverage options, and filling out numerous forms – why not let us do the footwork?

Get started today by completing our Auto Questionnaire, calling our agents at 802-806-6262, or emailing us.

Let us find all the ways we can save you money on Auto insurance.