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Vermont's Independent Insurance Agent since 1865
Why Choose an Independent

How can someone outside of Vermont determine your insurance needs? In our opinion, he can’t. This is why we are an independent insurance agency. We know Vermont and as Vermonters, we have a deep-rooted independence streak. From raising kids to starting a business, we like to find our own way. This is particularly true when it comes to insurance.

We can tell you why the local knowledge and experience of an independent insurance agent better suits your Vermont insurance needs,

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Why Jamieson

There are many independent insurance agencies in Vermont. There are even many independent insurance agencies that, like Jamieson, are generational. So why should you choose Jamieson to meet your insurance needs? It’s easy: We know you. We are just like you. We live the life you live. We love Vermont for the same reasons you do.

Our dedication to our Vermont community is demonstrated in the care we take of each of our insurance clients. That care evolved from years of experience and a commitment to the continuing education of each of our insurance agents.

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As an independent insurance agency, Jamieson Insurance sells the services of a wide range of insurance companies. Your needs will be carefully reviewed, then matched with the company offering the best protection at the most competitive premium.

Jamieson Insurance Agency, Inc. offers you the advantage of many years of experience in Vermont. Our experienced agents offer personal service, competitive rates and customized programs.

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